Who Am I ?

My name is Lisen (Jason). I was born in middle east of China - Xuancheng. With 7 years in Beijing, I moved to Rochester NY, "the world capital of imaging", and stayed another 7 years. Now I live in both Washington DC and Boston MA. My keywords are optics and moving...


Research Highlights

Started with quantum optics for M.S., My Ph.D. research was focused on femtosecond laser application to a novel approach of non-invasive vision correction procedure. I was also doing LIdar system metrologies and development, and Now I am a full time optical engineer...


I love sports

Born to like physical exercises, although not the American football type. Don't play every one shown on the right, but quite a few of them, and even some not listed here. My favorites are tennis and table tennis....


I am a photography fan

Not a pro photographer, and my interest in photography seeded from old times with film camera, and bursted with my optics career and the first DSLR we added to our photogears. Optics majors may not be the best photographers, but my next question is: when can I afford my next lens?...


Traveling around the world

Traveling is part of my life. Indeed, I am living on the hemisphere opposite to where I was from, and I am the one in my family who travels the most as well as the furthest. My wish now is to find a place to settle down, and still travel whenever there is a chance:-)...


About Me

I am currently an optical engineer working in the greater Boston area. The scope of my work spans optical engineering, metrology and engineering services, etc. Before arriving at Boston, I obtained my Ph.D. degree in Optics at The Institute of Optics, University of Rochester, Rochester NY in May 2013.

My doctoral research was advised by Professor Wayne H. Knox, and focused on femtosecond laser applications to an innovative means of non-invasive vision correction technique (sponsored by Bausch + Lomb). This is believed to be the minimally invasive vision correction procedure, free from destructive cutting effects as in LASIK. More details on my experiences can be found on experiences page, or by contacting me.

Prior to landing in Rochester NY, I received M.S. degree in Quantum Optics in 2006 and B.S. degree of Physics in 2003 from Department of Physics, Beijing Normal University (BNU), Beijing, P. R. China.